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Kidney Wrap for winter & reduce lower back pain

Lower back pain can be reduced with the application of a Kidney Wraps for winter.  In the massage clinic over the few last weeks I have noticed an increase in lower back pain with my clients.  Upon recent study of acupressure I came across the idea that we need to protect our kidneys during winter which can help reduce lower back pain.  This being due to the demand on the kidney system during the cold months.  Kidneys work harder during winter to keep the fluids in our bodies moving.  Stagnation here can be the beginning of aching backs and general unwellness like colds and flues.

Time to wrap up my kidneys

So I decided to experiment with a home made kidney wrap.  Not the most flattering fashion statement but one that for me, has a real good feeling factor.  Its not until you start wrapping your kidney (mid rift area) that you realise how comforting it is.  When I don’t have my kidney rap on I feel a slight irritation, discomfort and a vulnerability.  This practice may not be for everyone, not all of us perhaps have a struggling kidney situation in the body, however with our modern lifestyles of coffee, alcohol and stress you would do well to experiment with a kidney wrap yourself.

I found a lovely piece of material made of soft merino with a bit of stretch in the fabric at the local material shop.  Its about 30-40 cm wide and about a meter long.  I simply wrap this around my lower rib area, just under the breast tissue and tuck it in.  This can be done right next to the skin or over clothes.  For me it has a real feel good quality, ready to face winter feeling.  I’ve now been doing this for a month and have become slightly addicted to the warm kidney wrap and coincidentally my lower back is feeling pretty comfortable.  Enjoy the fresh winter days, and beautiful warm fires, rest well in winter and you may be ready for Spring.

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