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Pain free muscles and intestinal health

Did you know that if you have poor intestinal health there could be a link between the pain that you may experience in your lower back or shoulders and neck.

Over the years I’ve worked on many sore bodies.  Lower back pain, and shoulder pain are the most common areas I work on.  I am starting so see a link with clients that have unknown cause, reoccurring shoulder or lower back pain being connected to the occurrence of gut problems.  These clients may also have bloating, food intolerance’s, IBS symptoms, gas etc.  Upon my own research into the link of gut problems and inflammation in the body, there can be a connection where the unhealthy gut struggles to process foods and causes inflammation in difference parts of the body.

This suggests that it is ideal to get the gut working well as part of our health maintenance.  Gut health is about good bugs in the belly, therefore a probiotic can be helpful.  Reducing bad bugs in the gut is also helpful and that is where a anti-fungal come in handy (NZ Kolorex), is one of many antifungals.  There are many foods that are great for the gut.  Pure, sugar free yogurt, sauerkraut, lots of greens, organic meats, fish.  In NZ we have access to many sources of real food.  Drop the takeaways, sugars, and processed foods, drop too much coffee and alcohol.  Pick up some healthy exercise habits that make you feel happy about moving, and maybe you’re on your way to having a happier belly and more comfy shoulders and lower back.  Be mindful if you are on medications and antibiotics – they are really tough on the gut.  You will likely need to do some repair work on your gut if you take meds.

There is plenty of information at libraries and on the web, do your own research and enjoy learning about how we really are supposed to eat.  pss, don’t forget to get into those amazing good fats, like real butter, coconut oil, avocados, and olive oil.  Forget the margarine – its pure bad.  And of course, a wonderful massage at Hastings Massage with Fiona will also assist in maintaining great health, and a happy mind and body.  Joyful journeys 🙂


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