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Hastings Massage Therapy

Massage with Fiona has moved to Napier. Call Fiona (021 997 673) to make your massage appointment. New details at www.napiermassagetherapy.co.nz

Currently open 7 days - Monday to Sunday, 9am-5pm

Massage Gift Vouchers

For massage in Napier

$45 for 30 minutes Buy 1 or more vouchers
$75 x 1 Hour Buy 1 or more vouchers
$105 x 1.5 Hour Buy 1 or more vouchers
Once payment has been received, I will record a credit for you and contact you for further details. Need more info? Phone Fe on 021 997 673 or Email

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Cleansing Techniques – Skin Brushing

The skin is the largest organ of elimination of toxins.  Therefore it is important to support our body in its natural cleansing processes by practicing skin brushing. Skin brushing will remove the uppermost layer of the skin which holds an amount of acidity and toxicity.  Brushing makes a whole new surface area available through which […]

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Yoga for Fitness & Body Health

Our body builds up tension as we journey through our day whether we are working, driving, or playing sports. Sometimes life has some very challenging times which add further to the tension and then we may notice that our lower back is aching, our shoulders are tight, or that we have a stiff neck. One […]

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Breathing Techniques for Releasing Tension & Relaxation

A simple relaxation technique – natural breathing – your body may soften and release tension with the soothing breath. At any time during your day. Take a full breath, not forced, just full, into your belly, coming up into your chest, gently, allowing the breath to flow in. Watch the breath, feel the breath moving […]

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Creative Ways to Enjoy Massage

Celebrate Birthdays – Treat yourself or a loved one to the wonderful gift of massage on their Birthday – A gift that will be fondly remembered. I commonly have clients tell me ‘Your massage is the best birthday gift I received’. Goodbyes – Honour the passing of a loved one with massage for bereaved family […]

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