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Once payment has been received, I will record a credit for you and contact you for further details. Need more info? Phone Fe on 021 997 673 or Email

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2017 Xmas Voucher – Napier Massage Therapy

Xmas Massage Voucher 2017 Napier Massage Therapy with Fiona Christmas Gift Vouchers Now available.  ORDER NOW 2017 Christmas Gift Vouchers.  Once payment has been received, I will record a credit for you and contact you for further details.  Need more information? Phone Fe on 021 997 673 or  Email fe@napiermassagetherapy.co.nz 30 Minute Massage $40, 60 […]

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Massage can improve well being for those suffering from Depression or Anxiety

What it is: Massage therapists use arm, hand, fingertip, and elbow pressure to treat physical and emotional problems.What traditional medicine says: Therapeutic massage was first described in China about 2,500 years ago. Around 400 bc, the Greek healer Hippocrates used massage to treat sprains. Most of the world’s medical systems, including Chinese medicine and India’s Ayurveda, developed […]

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Kidney Wrap for winter & reduce lower back pain

Lower back pain can be reduced with the application of a Kidney Wraps for winter.  In the massage clinic over the few last weeks I have noticed an increase in lower back pain with my clients.  Upon recent study of acupressure I came across the idea that we need to protect our kidneys during winter […]

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Pain free muscles and intestinal health

Did you know that if you have poor intestinal health there could be a link between the pain that you may experience in your lower back or shoulders and neck. Over the years I’ve worked on many sore bodies.  Lower back pain, and shoulder pain are the most common areas I work on.  I am […]

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All About Massage – which one for you

1) Swedish Massage Therapy Swedish massage is the most common type of massage therapy. The Massage therapist will use long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements called petrissage and effleurage on muscle tissue using massage wax, balm, lotion or oil. Swedish massage therapy can be very gentle and relaxing. If you’ve never had massage before, this […]

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Magnesium Chloride

I have been reading about Magnesium Chloride and experiencing the positive health benefits from using this mineral transdermally.  I highly recommend that you add this health tool to your routine on a regular basis.   For me personally I have found less aches in my body.  The benefits are many, from improved sleep, less restlessness, better […]

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Tips to help you stay healthy during winter

Consider taking extra care with your self this winter and you may avoid colds or keep them to a minimum.  Below are some helpful suggestions. Always drink plenty of water.  This is calculated in relation to your body weight.  For myself being 60kg I need to consume 2 litres a day of water.  Coffee and […]

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Meditation is simply a willingness to witness your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  It is an invitation to watch yourself – your mind, your body, your environment – without reacting to what you observe.  This can be tricky, we are well programmed to react to what we observe but with meditation you can start to practice […]

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Breathing Exercises

Breathing to relax the body needs to be practiced so it becomes your normal way of breathing.  The best times to do this are morning upon waking and evening before sleep.  This technique will help you drift of to sleep too. Simply breathe into your stomach for the count of 4-5 and breathe out for […]

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