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Hastings Massage Therapy

Massage with Fiona has moved to Napier. Call Fiona (021 997 673) to make your massage appointment. New details at www.napiermassagetherapy.co.nz

Currently open 7 days - Monday to Sunday, 9am-5pm

Massage Gift Vouchers

For massage in Napier

$45 for 30 minutes Buy 1 or more vouchers
$75 x 1 Hour Buy 1 or more vouchers
$105 x 1.5 Hour Buy 1 or more vouchers
Once payment has been received, I will record a credit for you and contact you for further details. Need more info? Phone Fe on 021 997 673 or Email

The Benefits of Massage

Have you ever received a massage?

I invite you to try a safe and gentle relaxation experience with Massage.  Read on below to find out the positive effects of massage for your body and mind.  You will definately feel better for having a regular massage.

Massage for Physically Active People

It is now well proven and accepted that Massage plays an important role in reducing the chance of injury and therefore assists with optimal performance in sporting events.  Massage pre-event and post-event is beneficial in supporting the body to perform and recover well.  For the physically active persons, whether a runner, cyclist, gardener or those with very physical careers, massage can help your body achieve the results you want and allows you to get on and enjoy your activity.

Massage and the Release of Muscular Tension

Tight shoulders, sore backs or necks, headaches.  Clients discover with regular massage they can maintain a much softer, more comfortable body and reduce headaches and neck or back pain.  This positive effect can usually be felt after the first massage, and is maintained by receiving regular massage.

Increased Flexibility with Massage

Massage is a great therapy which helps increase flexibility in tight muscles, be it calves, hamstrings, lower back, almost any tight muscle can be gentley encouraged to let go and lengthen.  Massaging and stretching used together increases flexibility.  A body with equal muscular strength and flexibility is more able to adapt to everyday challenges life presents, therefore less susceptible to injury.

The Grounding Effect of Massage Therapy

Become more aware of your body as you focus on the massage.  For example with foot massage clients often say, ‘I pay no attention to my feet’ or ‘I forget about my feet’.  Focusing on the areas that are being massaged brings more awareness of your whole body and creates a grounded effect.

Massage for Release of Emotional Tension

At times during massage you may become aware of sensitive emotions which you can acknowledge and release in a safe environment.

Healthy Celebration Massage

Massage can be used as a way to acknowledge or celebrate life events ie Birthdays, new fitness routine, starting self-care program, completion of study.  Massage is a healthy way way to honour yourself.

Drinking water is recommended after a massage and I encourage you to have a relaxing time planned which allows your body to integrate with the massage.